Anastasia Romanova @prostorain
Not so slowly, but certainly @sketchmarkersclub replace all other markers from my palette. At last I got the most wanted parcel of these bright 'sweets' and the mood in such a grey day became festive!!
For the first time when I got markers from @sketchmarkersclub I was impressed by the tip «bullet». It is hard and sharp and lets us sketch tiny details without fear (you know how I like little things)) Once I got to know this material I admired the palette that has pure colours and dusty complex ones.
It's really pleasant that the company communicates with its customers and constantly improves its quality. So, caps have become the same color as the marker ink. Let's check it!))
All in all I've tried markers of all main marker producers. Some of which offer markers with an uncomfortable body, others produce limited palette. Let's face it my favorites are copymarkers. I have lots of them and I know each color by heart and got used to them, but now I draw only with @sketchmarkersclub
In a new package I've received the colours which I was looking for and found in @sketchmarkersclub))
They are easy to use. I like to hold the marker in hand and the price plays not the last role.

Overall I advise the markers and I'll go to draw!!) Thanks a million @sketchmarkersclub. With such a present I can't stop sketching!
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