Evgeniy Chili @evgeniy_chili
Friends, this isn't advertising or PR, this is my independent tip about the markers "sketchmarcker"
➕Good palette
➕You can use any paper
➕They don't stink so unpleasantly as, for example, in "copic" or "pro"
➕When the marker is pressed, the required amount of ink is supplied, they don't pour and flow
➕All colors blend very well when used correctly
➕The cap and color coincide by 85%
➖After a couple hours of work, all hands were black, the marker label and the barcode start to erase
➖ There are no big bags for sets of markers.(at least 50 pieses) all, that I can find was very small
➖ There are few sales points, it's very hard to buy in my city.

The advantages of markers are much greater. These are the best markers I've ever used! I recommend to everyone, this is love forever
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