Poli Deeva @polli_deeva
At the weekend I tested new paper from @sketchmarkersclub
Long story short, the paper is COOL!
Unusual, but very cool!
Firstly, all pigment stays on a sheet of paper where you sketch, and ink does not penetrate into other layers of paper. The sheet is totally ink resistant! The paper is very thin 75 g. On the other side it is impregnated with some substance. And what from that? The usage of marker will be minimal. The marker has enough ink to get the right colour! And! The colour turns out more vivid. I mean, it's pretty cool, isn't it?!

Secondly, (is anything else needed?) it's necessary to that the paper becomes dry very fast. That's why I don't recommend drinking tea while sketching, you won't have time for it)) if you need smooth fill, move your fingers fast! As to me it's a plus) I like drawing fast!

Thirdly, if you let the paper get dry, it may be possible to make the next layer brighter with the same colours. To deepen the tone. What else to say? I worked with a liner. It doesn't blur, so I'm happy. And I have 49 sheets more

I gave up using all other brands and prefer only Copic and Sketchmaker. I strongly recommend buying them, they will suit perfectly if you haven't worked with markers
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