San Diego Comic-Con International or just Comic-Con is one of the most ambitious events dedicated to popular films, series and, of course, comics, which determines the future of the entertainment industry for the next two years. And also Anime Expo - the largest anime con, in which more than 100,000 fans take part.
Being represented at these events is a big statement about yourself at the world level.
This year our brand was first presented in America at these two incredibly cool events!

Yes, we aroused great interest and received many positive ratings. We are extremely happy with this! And you know, maybe it's immodest, but it was a real success for us, which determined the next step in the development of our brand.

Thank you Marker Universe @universeofmarkers - our partner who helped us to be represented at these events. And already at the end of this year we are planing to enter the US market. The first partner who will represented us is the Marker Universe e-shop.
Here is our small photo report - swipe to the right

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