I'd like to share my impression of the brush nib of SKETCHMARKER. As to me, the difference is huge!!! The first thing that I noticed when I started drawing is the firmness of this new nib. It is very flexible and firm at the same time. When you sketch with it on paper, it copies all your movements as if it draws by itself. The ink is given in a bigger amount than in the previous version of marker and without pressure on the marker. So I got the feeling that the marker is drawing itself. From the beginning till the end the line is dense and with no light gaps. The ink is thick enough and doesn't leave blur. After strong pressing on the marker nib returns to its former state and doesn't leak. The smell of the marker has become stronger. It's impossible to draw the thinnest line with the pen-point now. However, it was possible before. That is about all disadvantages))
An old nib doesn't bend and isn't elastic enough, loses shape by making wave lines. No needed ink supply and more dry.

It's clearly seen on the video and photo example.

@sketchmarkersclub has made a great job for comfortable artist work! I recommend everybody to try these renewed markers BRUSH!

P.S. On the photo and video you see new nibs first.
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