Juliette Way @silmairel
Doubtlessly, markers are my main discovery of last (and present) year! There was a period of time when I was skeptical about them – as it's not aquarelle) Marker's painting appeared to be not less exciting, but it's just different;)
I've been waiting for a set of markers by @sketchmarkersclub )) I chose Basic Set 3, as it contains only pastels tones, which I really needed! The deal is that there aren't too many markers: often if you don't have the necessary color, you can't just make it, and with a light marker it's easier to get the right brightness and make necessary transition!)
so, I've nearly collected my ideal chord, but I haven't had a black marker, so I can't finish my kingfishers)))
@sketchmarkersclub makers were delivered in a cool cloth bag which you can take everywhere and it's also unpacked conveniently on the table)
Surely I'm not able to start working with the stuff without colouring)
Markers' colours look like tasty candies, my expectations are met!) Now I used them only with markers by another company, but in prospects I want to paint something tender only with them)))
They are perfectly put on paper, gradient sketching is ideal, and if you try a little there are no stripes at all) In the end, sketching is just a pleasure) Markers have two tips: one is broad and thin. Thin tip is very hard, it's not a brush, however they said they have and thin brush markers.
Conclusion – super)))
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