Elena Bazh @evb_art
"Europe in its diversity may be a cup of hot tea, tasty dessert, urban landscape or shoes." And how after such description, which was presented by @sketchmarkersclub, wouldn't I have taken up sketching my cozy autumn Europe?! It is not even necessarily to show houses and streets, gold and scarlet parks and riverfronts to translate autumn walking into line and colour. Autumn is about pockets full of chestnuts, bouquets of fallen leaves, fragrant hot coffee at the table of a little café, where the porch was cleaned before winter, and many other things. Autumn and its coziness is different for everyone.)) I don't know whether I managed to show the autumn mood, but I definitely got pleasure from creating this illustration. And new brushes were the reason for it. They made it possible to paint perfectly even on two-side coated paper. I painted only with the colours from the kit "Europe" and there were enough colours, so I had no need to buy extra markers. However, I'd add medium warm brown, as I didn't notice much tone difference between O20 and O60 and there's some inaccuracy between G92 and G131. By the way, guess which element inspired me to create this picture? Though there's no need to guess. Just look through the gallery and it would be clear that everything has started with the central chestnut. Everything! It was waiting for a month when at least anything will appear and it will be sketched, and I couldn't decide at that time what to sketch and where to find time for it. In the sample there are also stages in collage (for the lazy) and full process and as a bonus – a photo of the sketchbook where all this autumn was born.
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