Sketchmarker Liner
Hey there! We start to acquaint you with new products which will hit the stores in the second half of 2019

Today we'll tell about our brush pen SKETCHMARKER LETTERING PEN.

SKETCHMARKER LETTERING PEN is a water-based pen with two nibs: felt nib brush and thin 0,7 mm.

The ink immediately becomes pigment (unlike with other brush pens exposed in the market). Drying period is 3-5 seconds.
What does it give? You paint and don't think the ink will blur, you will be able to catch up on painting.
The brush pen is made for use with alcohol ink, keeps contour and doesn't blur either with spirit or water
Sketchmarker Liner
We specially made this nib for qualified fast and comfortable work with alcohol marker. Now you don't need to wait when ink dries and can continue sketching with markers just after 5 seconds even on the smoothest paper and ink becomes resistant to other alcohol ink.
Ink isn't toxic, safe for use, not water resistant.
Pen can be used in combination with alcohol markers as well as separately for lettering, calligraphy and making titles/notes.

In the video below we show a new pen in action, we compare it with other brush-pens which are made for alcohol markers.
Sketchmarker Liner
We watch how fast ink gets pigment on paper. For example, we used a marker pad 75g.
Everyone who has worked with such paper type perfectly knows it's necessary to wait a lot until the liner dries and work with alcohol ink becomes possible. Or one can use an ink liner only after making a sketch. And even on this paper working with a new SKETCHMARKER LETTERING PEN one needs only 7-10 sec to start working with ink and have no blurs.

We've already started to send testing sets of a new pen to designers for objective tests and overviews.
On the market they will appear by the end of this autumn!

Sketch often with SKETCHMARKER
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