A new line of watercolour markers SKETCHMARKER AQUA is launched for production
We have good news.
As we planned and wrote before, at the end of summer 2019 we launch our new line of aquarelle markers - SKETCHMARKER AQUA
And you guys have you tried to sketch with aquarelle markers? Do you use them in your works?
Do you want to try?
A great illustrator and aquarellist Lena Krymina @lena_krymina is one of first who tested new aquarelle markers SKETCHMARKER AQUA. Watch the result in the mini-video: what magic illustrations you can create with them!
As always, we are client-oriented and want to make only the best and affordable, that's why markers SKETCHMARKER AQUA have a very cool Japanese nib and a wide range of collors. The markers are refillable and this is for sure unique in lines of aquarelle instruments.
You can't wait to get them to your collection, can you?

The production of aquarelle markers SKETCHMARKER AQUA will be launched in August and an opportunity to buy
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