SKETCHMARKER and SKETCHMARKER BRUSH volume 22 ml., 388 tones for all current palette of alcohol marker lines.
The ink volume is enough to refill a marker 12 times.
During ink use you don't need to search and order the necessary tone of empty marker, but reduce a product cost by several times.

For instance, a base marker SKETCHMARKER: 119 rubles + 240 rubles and divide by 13 (12 refilling + 1 full marker) = 27 rubles total price of a marker.

SKETCHMARKER BRUSH the same calculations: 235 rubles cost of a marker + 240 rubles ink and divide by 13 = 36 rubles total price of a marker.

Ink may be used for different art types

For lines SKETCHMARKER and SKETCHMARKER BRUSH plug-in nibs are produced. Buying them prolongs your marker's life.

How to organize one's working space?

And what to do if you need many markers at the same time and how to pack them? How to make work with markers possible on the trip and not to break them?

Brand SKETCHMARKER assembles its sets in organizers.

Organizers for 12-24-36 are produced in convenient cloth bags with an extra pocket.

Compact fabric wallets keep markers on the way, at café or on the open air.

And for comfortable organization of working space at home SKETCHMARKER produces new plastic organizers for 48-96 markers.

As a result markers don't take much place on the table, at the same time each marker is seen, so you can easily find a necessary tone.

Markers are easily, but firmly fixed in a holder, don't fall out; one can put an organizer vertically or horizontally, organizing their space as necessary. Organizers can be bought separately.

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