High-quality professional markers, pens, sketchbooks
SKETCHMARKER is more than just a marker, liner or any other instrument.
We are keen on philosophy and ideology of sketching, opportunity with fast hand movement to share emotion and atmosphere, composition and main idea.
So, we create such products which help you express your ideas easily.
SKETCHMARKER introduces itself as a sketching tools brand.
However, our aim is not only to make high-quality instruments, but also make them affordable. We think art shouldn't be limited, in their realization artists shouldn't be dependent on low quality or high price.
Our mission and idea is shown in our slogan "Sketch often!"
And who can say 'It's cool and this is ordinary'?
Definitely, an artist. Definitely, a direct user.
That's why we connect with many users on the one hand and the company on the other hand. In direct communication we wonder what is ideal for a designer or sketcher in this or that instrument, e.g. a marker, pen, paper, what product qualities they value, what helps them and what disturbs during sketching.
Setting goals for the plant and checking the result with testers and releasing our product, we can safely say 'Oh, it was cool! Guys, you will be satisfied!'

'Sketch often!' Professional materials should be affordable!
Download comparative palette, test digital sheet and tones wheel in high resolution in under the head
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